Asset Brand Operating Instructions

Permanent Property Marking With The Asset Brand

These Branding irons are quite simple to operate BUT do require practice in order to produce brands with the best visual appearance on different plastic surfaces.

CAUTION: These tools get hot enough to burn skin and are designed to melt plastic. A built in regulator limits maximum temperature to approximately 400° F so that it will not ignite paper products, but it should never be left unattended when plugged in!

Preheating of tool:
It takes about 5 minutes to achieve the correct operating temperature and then it self regulates to hold this temperature.

Since this tool is designed specifically for branding various plastic materials it is difficult to practice on other materials. The most accessible object for practice that we have found is the UNDERSIDE of your computer keyboard! A relatively inexpensive piece of equipment and where your practice session will be hidden from view!

  • Plug in the tool and place it where the die surface is raised off your working surface. This heater and die assembly will not get hot enough to burn paper but certainly hot enough to give you a painful burn! (Five to ten minutes heating time).
  • Tape or lay down a small piece of the colored hot transfer foil (shiny side up) where you intend to make your brand. Holding the heater assembly firm in one hand carefully position it above the foil so that you can push firmly straight down. Once you push the die flat against the surface do not move the die as this will cause blurring.
  • Hold the die in place for between three and five seconds (depends upon type of plastic) then lift straight up.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds for the transfer foil to cool and then peel to see your Brand. It may take from to ten impressions before you understand how firmly you must press down and the best grip on the tool. You should also practice branding on a vertical surface to learn the extra care that this requires!

Branding Your Assets: TIPS
Make sure the area that you are branding is FLAT! You can prepare a number of items for branding by using tape to hold the transfer foil in place! When branding onto a vertical surface make sure the object is secure and will not move when you press and hold the die onto the transfer foil! You are going to be pressing quite firmly while the melting takes place. NB: It is easier to brand by pressing down than into the side of an asset!

CAUTION: DO NOT TRY BRANDING WITHOUT USING TRANSFER FOIL! The die will stick to the plastic and can be damaged or pulled off the branding tool.