Property Marking

The Asset Brand Tool

Permanent property marking of equipment, computers and monitors dramatically reduces theft and the value of the item to a potential thief! By needing to grind or sand off the Asset Brand permanent mark(s) will not make it easy to re-sell these units.

Asset Brander is PTC regulated and automatically sets the temperature to permanent brand into the plastic casing of IT equipment etc. The tool has a custom made one-inch die for the personalized marking of your property. This die may have the company’s initial or name and message such as “Stolen from” or “Property of”. A postal code or a telephone number may also be included and would help in the recovery of lost or stolen equipment.

A Special thermal transfer coloured foil is placed under the Asset Brander to produce a visual, eye catching and permanent marking which effectively helps in computer / equipment theft reduction.

Asset Brand Solution Cost
That’s under 25p per marking/brand!!
Custom Die produced and mounted on Asset Brander Iron: £110.00
Asset Brand Foil for property marking of 500 articles: £17.50
Postage & Packaging: £9.50
Total: £137.00


Asset Brand Tool

Asset Brand Sample
(applied to clear plasic)

Asset Brand Tool Asset Branding Sample


Additional Information and Instructions

If requested we will send samples of plastic “permanently” branded, using the Asset Brand Tool.

Please remember that the Asset Brander is temperature regulated specifically to enable property marking of common plastics such as computers. It will not Brand on leather, wood and similar materials needing higher temperatures. Please click here for complete Asset Brand operating instructions.

The development this tool was due to many school’s requesting a means of theft reduction by permanent property marking of their equipment /computers etc. Since then clients have drawn our attention to numerous other possible uses.

Asset Brander is custom made, please allow 21 days before delivery.

Other Possible Uses:

  • Permanent Property Branding of items used for rental, such as exhibition equipment.
  • Permanent Branding of Plastic racks for alcohol and drinks distribution.
  • Permanent Property Marking of watercraft, rental tools etc.
  • Permanent Branding of contractors tools for use on site(s).