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Asset labels and Security labels in the UK from We are suppliers of asset labels, security tamper-proof labels, and holograms at the most affordable prices. Full custom label options are available.

Asset Tracking Labels, Security Stickers & Barcode Labels

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Quite simply our aim is to provide the highest quality inventory, security, and custom labels at the most affordable prices in the market. Our tracking labels and tamper-evident labels are available in a large number of sizes and materials. Aside from our affordable prices and product quality, you can also expect a fast turnaround on short runs and the very best personal service available. Please check our product pricing below.

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Asset Label Types and Prices
Tracking – Serial Numbers – Barcodes

PolyAsset – Platinum£100140185245420
PolyAsset – White£100140185245420

Custom orders available. Contact us with custom sizes and quantities!

Tamper Evident Material Types and Prices
Security Label Stickers – Tamper Proof

Label Type / Quantity250500100020005000
PolyVoid – “VOID”£165215280365625
PolyBreak – Destructible£165215280365625
PolyCheck – Checkerboard Release £165215280365625

Custom orders available. Contact us with custom sizes and quantities!

Hologram Labels / Seals Types and Prices
Security Hologram Label – Security Hologram Seals

Label Type / Quantity1002505001000
Security Hologram Label (15mm x 15mm)£12.5055100370
Security Hologram Label (30mm x 30mm)£1570130500
Transparent Security Hologram Seal (19mm x 19mm)£17.5077140515
Transparent Security Hologram Seal (38mm x 38mm)£2195175670

Custom orders available. Contact us with custom sizes and quantities!

Materials Sourced Worldwide – Production in Scotland, UK.

Product samples of our most common materials and sizes are available upon request. In the meantime, please scroll through our many sample images below.

A few Frequently asked questions:-

1. Why should I use a label?
Tracking assets is vital for businesses, offices and schools. Showing where items are and providing reports for accounting purposes. As well as showing any theft of items. Many insurance companies now require items to be tracked using asset labels and an asset register. Allowing clients to provide the insurance company with details such as make, model, value, etc.

2. What is the difference between asset labels and security labels?
The answer is simple, tamper evidence. A security label or seal is tamper-evident, an asset label does not need to be. You need to ask yourself “Do I need a tamper-evident label”? A tamper-evident label is usually used to show if a person has opened or tampered with an item, an example of this would be a computer case, where you need to see if someone has opened the case and possibly removed circuits, memory etc. An Asset label is a label for tracking an item, usually used with a barcode and or serial number in conjunction with an asset register (a list of serial numbers, with details about the item such as make, model serial number etc)

3. I want a label that cannot be removed, what can you offer?
All labels can be removed! What we can offer is labels that are hard to remove. Our standard PolyAsset labels use what is classed as a permanent adhesive, its a very thick and strong adhesive. This results in your labels staying on the item and not falling off like other cheaper alternatives. Or you could opt for our PolyBreak material, which fragments when picked at, this means repeated picking is required to remove the label. If you require a permanent mark on your item we recommend the AssetBrander, designed to melt a brand into plastics. Many schools use the AssetBrander in conjunction with our asset labels to give a permanent brand with asset tracking.

4.Which barcode should I be using?
If you’ve never used barcodes on your labels before you can use any type you would like (for in-house use), personally, we recommend using Code 128 or Code 39 as these are universal barcodes and can be read by virtually all scanners. However, if you have labels previously using barcodes, you will want to match the type used. If you are unsure what you are currently using, a photo or a physical label can be sent to our offices and one of our team will determine which barcode you currently use on your labels. We have compiled useful guides to the various bar code label symbologies. This will help you to decide the correct format and material suitable for your application.
Please check out our Guide to Symbologies and Guide to Label Materials sections for further information.

In addition, as a service to our customers, we have provided a free Bar Code Image Generator that will allow you to add a custom bar code to any document.

Why buy labels from Us?
Our company has over 15 years of experience and specialise in asset and security labels. Rapid production & shipping of all types of fixed asset labels/tags, tamper-proof security seals (tamper-evident label). With or without logos company logos, custom text, serial numbers, and barcodes. Aiming to meet all your labelling requirements, producing labels in various materials and sizes. By stocking the most popular sizes of our asset tags, and material types we are able to offer you high-quality labels at amazing prices. Our two standard sizes are 47mm x19mm and 25mm x 12.5mm.

In addition, each label order includes:

  • Free Company Logos
  • Included Barcodes & Serial Numbers
  • Bespoke Custom Labels Layout Design Service
  • 3 Day Turnaround on Standard Orders
  • Low minimum orders – only 100 labels

Although we specialise in asset tags, security seals, and tamper-evident seals, we can produce labels in a wide range of materials including paper, window stickers and even magnetic materials. Depending on the material selected, we can also produce labels in a single colour, two colour, and full-colour options. Click on Custom Sizes for more details.