Our Product Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Should you wish to return a product purchased from our web site, due to our errors or omissions or a possible defective product, contact our offices by either e-mail or phone, so we may make arrangements to correct the problem. Either a full refund or replacement of goods will be made, whichever you request.


Product Warranty

Every effort is made to see that products are of high quality and want our customers to be happy with their purchase. Our Internet pricing is aggressive and does not allow us to offer extended warranty. Certainly any problem developing within 30 days will be corrected by us. Product problems after this initial 30 days will be handled on a case by case basis with adjustments made on a goodwill basis if at all.


Delivery of Products

Your product will be shipped within two working days,Subject to product availability. Delivery and transfer of perils If it is not possible to deliver we will inform you about that via Email. All promised delivery dates are under reserve to in time and right delivery of our suppliers. We have the right to deliver partially. In no way you have the right to claim for any damages against us or withdraw from the contract. The buyer shall have the risk and cost of delivery. As soon as the parcel leaves our delivery office the buyer takes all risks of the delivery.