Label Design & Layout Advice

Making the Best of Your Asset and Security Labels

Before producing labels we always ask customers approval of the label layout. This ensures that the customer receives a label appropriate for THEIR specific requirement. We will e-mail a graphic image as a proof for clients approval of the design, layout etc. before printing.

We supply clients throughout the UK as well internationally and therefore we make use of e-mail as well as “voice mail” for inquiries.

Design Criteria:

  • Property of: The use of these words will in most instances not be required as the label usually has company’s name on it and this makes reference to the ownership.
  • Sizeing lines of text : (MORE MEANS LESS!) Obviously the more use of text in a line requires a smaller font when fitting it into the width of the label again however the number (s) of lines of text used in the label dictates how large or small are the fonts used!
  • Font Styles : We can supply all of the popular fonts as well as having an enormous range of types and styles available. Should you specify a particular font as used in your company logo please email this at the time of ordering and we will endeavour to incorparate it in your design.
  • Fonts :We have found using fonts of Sans Serif. such as Tahoma and Arial are more legible than serif fonts.
  • Serial Numbers : As a general rule we use the largest serial No’s appropriate for the clients specific label design.
  • Human Legible Barcode : With serialized barcodes you can have the same sequence of numbers and letters printed below the barcode as “human readable” text. This obviously this takes more room, however, we find our customers like this feature applied to their own specific label.
  • Logos or Graphics : We can apply company logo’s to the labels when space permits! These may be placed either on the top or side of the label.Where possible we prefer to “lift” the graphic from an email. This is provided you can send a true black and white graphic file as this gives the best result.
  • Keeping it Basic:The most functional and attractive labels are usually those that have a simple, balanced appearance. Use of an excess in text requires us to use smaller sized fonts. This greatly reduces the ledgibility as well as visual appearance. When using the “human readable barcode”a line of text along the top ( for Company identification) with a line at the bottom is all you could expect, with perhaps a small logo on one side of the label depending on the space available!
  • Portable Property : Should the labels be intended for use on smaller but valuable items eg. laptops, PDA’s etc., we would suggest having at least some labels printed using a telephone #, e-mail / web address. Again all we reuire is a comment in the comment box.
  • Asset Tracking System! :Just ask us we may just have the a solution your situation!