Guide to Materials

Materials Used for Asset Labels and Security Labels

Below is a list of some of the commonly used materials we use to produce asset labels and security labels for our customers. In addition to the materials listed, we can also produce labels and high security seals on a variety of other labels. Please contact us if you require a different label material not listed below.


Extra Durable Asset Labels: Platinum (metallic/aluminium) or White semi-gloss finished polyester Mylar. Our most durable labels and most popular for fixed asset tags. Available in two sizes either 1 7/8″ x 3/4″ (47mm x 19mm) or 1″ x 1/2″ (25mm x 12.5mm). With the PolyAsset labels we are able to print in Blue, Red and Black on to these labels.

PolyAsset – Platinum and White Sample

Poly Asset Platinum White


A 3M White polyester (Mylar), tamper evident label, which leaves a “VOID” message on label and surface if lifted! This tamper evident label / seal can also be used as barcode labels, and you can even write on it. ONLY Available in 1 7/8″ x 3/4″ (47mm x 19mm) size due to the void graphic. However with the PolyVoid we only offer a Black Print.

PolyVoid Sample

Poly Void


White Semi-gloss polyester Destructible: This material is very similar to PTFE tape used by plumber to seal pipe joints but has a very aggressive adhesive (solvent based). This will adhere to just about everything and easily breaks up at any removal attempt. An ideal tamper evident label just so long as you do not require abrasion resistance. This material is outdoor rated Waterproof and but due to is nonabrasive nature has a lower outdoor life expectancy than our other polyester (Mylar) materials. This material can be printed either with Black, Blue or Red. Sizes: 21mmx 47mm or 12.5mm x 25mm With the PolyBreak labels we are able to print in Blue, Red and Black on to these labels.

PolyBreak Sample

Poly Break


Our mirror finished chrome security seal is polyester (Mylar) with a permanent acrylic adhesive applied so that if the label is lifted it leaves a checkerboard pattern behind and on the surface of the tamper evident label even if put back exactly where lifted. The adhesive needs to cure at room temperature for 36 hours before it sets up completely and may not be suitable for some low grade plastics BUT on bare metal, painted metal or other clean smooth surfaces these security seals will stand up to rough handling and last for years! Due to the metallic foil backing these labels must be considered conductive to electricity and appropriate precautions taken. The hard smooth surface of these seals can only be written on with special pens for marking the surface of CDs. (Office Supply Houses). PolyCheck cannot have barcodes on them due to the reflective surface of the material. With the PolyCheck labels we are able to print in Blue, Red and Black on to these labels. Not suitable for barcodes due to the highly reflective surface.

PolyCheck Sample

Poly Check