Security Labels, Seals and tags

Tamper Evident Security Seals

Custom printed incorporating your text and logo. Available with small minimum orders and Fast turnaround times. Options available on our labels are bar codes, serialized numbers or both. All options available at NO extra charge.

Although we specialise in Asset labels and Security labels, we can produce labels in a range of materials including paper, window stickers and even Magnetic materials. Available in single, two and full colour options. Click on Custom Sizes for more details.


Tamper Evident Security Labels


Our Security Labels or Security Seals are available in two sizes and three types of tamper evident label material security labels- (Used mainly for seals). Ideal for use as product authentication labels or for warranty void protection labels. Each security label material has slightly different qualities and can be used on variety of surfaces.

Label Type / Quantity 250 500 1000 2000 5000
PolyVoid / PolyBreak / PolyCheck £165 £215 £280 £365 £625



Tamper Evident label – A 3M White polyester (Mylar), leaves the word “VOID” on the surface and on the label if lifted! Not only is this a tamper evident label / seal but can be also used as a barcode label, and you can also write on the surface. Extra Durability for outdoor use. Idea for use with video, DVD, computer games or other rentals. They could even be used as equipment identification tags preventing switching. Available in ONLY 19mm x 47mm because of the VOID graphic (pattern).

PolyVoid Sample

Voiding Labels
PolyVoid Platinum

Matte aluminium look polyester material with the same characteristics as above.


White Semi-gloss polyester Destructible: This material is very similar to PTFE tape used by plumber to seal pipe joints but has a very aggressive adhesive (solvent based) . Which will Stick to just about everything and easily breaks up at any removal attempt. An ideal tamper evident label just so long as you do not require abrasion resistance. This material is outdoor rated Waterproof and but due to is nonabrasive nature has a lower outdoor life expectancy than our other polyester (mylar) materials. An Ideal tamper evident label.

PolyBreak Sample


A Mirror like Chrome Label. Durable polyester material produced in two-parts with an adhesive that leaves behind a distinctive checkerboard pattern, if tampered with or removal attempted. Ideal for use as security seals or asset tags. Not to be used with Barcodes because of the high reflective surface.

PolyCheck Sample

Poly Check

PolyCheck Platinum

Matte aluminium look polyester material which has the same hidden graphic as above, however , this material can be used with a barcode.


FIPS 140-2 Labels

Maximum Protection labels

Choose from either Standard or tamper Evident. Options available bar codes, serialized numbers or both. Custom printed incorporating your text and logo. Available with small minimum orders and Fast turnaround times. All options available at NO extra charge.

Our Fips security labels are very unusual. The base material is a clear polyethylene film which has a extremely sensitive adhesive (solvent based). This has a BLUE colour with a release agent leaving the VOID lettering behind if removed, (trying to re-apply the seal shows it has been tampered with) The film carrier used for these seals is very plyable and conforms to easily to different surfaces textures.The adhesive base releases easily whilst activating the void message. These Tamper Evident Maximum security labels is usable with cardboard when most security seals fail becuse they pull out fibers on the surface and fail to activate the void message, these may then be re-applied showing no sign of being tampered wth. Reasonable care should be used in removing the security seal from the carrier paper is required otherwise you could activatethe message with the surface of your fingers! Ideal for extreme security requirements, simply the best Maximum Security seals on the market.

Online ordering – NOT permitted. Due to the high security use of these security seals we need to PERSONALLY approve all order.

The Fips 140-2 security seals are available in sizes of of 23mm x 50.5mm or 101mm as well as other sizes for specific applications. WHITE is the only colour print that is visible on this seal and as a result bar-codes cannot be printed, they can however be seial numberes. Although waterproof and durable, these seals do have limited (outdoor use), life expectancy. They were specifically designed to eceed very harsh testing against all attempts to remove the seal.

Simple tests used in the acredition for Fips 140 – 2 standards are: Applying cold with use of a freon can, Applying heat through a hot air tool (gun), Scraping the label with a razor blade or scalpel, the use of common solvents / chemicals in the attempt to overcome the security seal itself without damaging it. The test labs precise procedures in testing Fips 140-2 maximum security labels, are never published and are 100% confidential to avoid the education of potential mis-use by third parties. will provide SAMPLES (printed) of these Maximum Security labels (however they will be defaced before mailing) Since this material is primarily for use in extremely sensitve and secure contious areas, we only supply samples to companies with whom we are 100% satisfied the validity of their request for samples.

We are reluctant to disclose areas where these seals are used therefore it is almost impossible to advertise the fact that these Security Seals do indeed meet the required FIPS 140-2 standards. Should you require high security, tamper evident seals then we are offering the best available showing up any visible signs of unlawful entry.

Label Type / Quantity 250 500 1000 2000
FIPS 140-2 Security Labels £375 £600 £920 £1200


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