Preprinted Tamper Evident Seals

Destructable White or Checker Board Pattern

Choose from either White Destructable or Chrome Checker Board Pattern tamper evident label and pay only £15 for 100 seals.

Red on White

Red on Chrome
(Checker Board Pattern)

Tamper Evident Seal White Tamper Evident Seal Silver


Security seals / Security labels work in two different ways. The first way is when any attempt is made to lift them and gain entry they will fragment. The second way is that the security seal will leave behind (on the label surface) a distinctive pattern if it is lifted, even when it is replaced where lifted.

The white destructible tamper proof seals have are a thin film similar to PTFE Teflon tape that plumbers use for sealing pipe joints, however with a very strong adhesive which will work on almost any surface. A low stiffness allows this security label to be used on pebbled, ridged and other textured surfaces. They will also work over a screw head. The label / seal is about impossible to remove even a small portion without tearing. This material is outdoor rated however this seal is not abrasion resistant. This tamper proof seal is nonconductive therefore can be directly applied to computer chips and other electronic components. Ideal for identification of computer components since whilst under warranty as you can write on the material with ball-point pen. ( This should be done with care, prior to removal from the backing paper). Since this material is particularly pliable it is easily attached on items such as wire connectors and serrated caps on bottles etc.

Our chrome security label is made from polyester (Mylar) and has a permanent acrylic adhesive so that if the seal is removed than a checkerboard pattern is left on the surface. The adhesive requires room temperature for a minimum 36 hours to cure. This material may be unsuitable for low grade plastics however on painted and bare metal and many other smooth and clean surfaces these security labels will withstand rough handling, lasting years! The metallic foil backing on these labels is considered conductive to electricity and precautions must be taken when used with electrical devices. Special pens used for marking the surface of CDs can also be used to write on the smooth surface of these labels . (Office Supply Houses)