Guide to Barcode Symbologies

Universal Product Code or UPC (UPC-A, UPC-E)


Example of UPC-A


Example of UPC-E



THE premier barcode symbology used for retail labeling. Now seen on just about every item in stored across Canada and the U.S., Used through out shops and distributors worldwide for tracking sales, completing transactions, product stock levels and orders.

Code 39 is available in two slightly different forms, Full ASCII and Regular. The one you choose can depend largely on the industry you using them for and if you will need to use the control characters or lowercase characters.

UPC-A the bar code type you normally see on many products. A 12-digit (0 to 9), 1-dimensional, fixed length, it is exclusively used to encode the products UPC 11 digits.

UPC-E are simply compressed, versions of UPC-A using just six digit. Repeated zeros are removed. UPC-E is used when label space may be limited or when used small packages.